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You vs. the Great Unclean ones- In search of/possibly bugged?

Sweetroll_TyrantSweetroll_Tyrant Registered Users Posts: 9
It's my very last achievement in either WH1 or WH2. Tonight a good dude tried to help me out with this achievement but I couldn't claim it in either a custom battle or a ladder match. (It was easy to QM since no one plays multi of WH1)

I'm not sure what I need to do to actually get this pesky achievement. It wouldn't surprised me if it was borked, the greenskin raiding achievement was like that. As well as a few others...


  • Valkaar#2507Valkaar#2507 Registered Users Posts: 6,002
    I know at some point, CA proactively patched it so you could no longer get it in arranged Custom Battles. So arranging to get it from a friend/friendly stranger no longer works.

    You HAVE to get it in Quick/Ladder battles. However, the last few times people asked about it, it was working! My only guess would be, if you won your Quick Battle, it's possible you won it against an opponent who also does not have the achievement?

    Most of the people who have inquired about it, while originally daunted by it, usually managed to get it within 10-20 battles or so. Worst case scenario, maybe 40.

    ^^But if you put that into context with how long it takes to grind a Campaign to get some of those more time-consuming achievements, it's actually one of the quicker "late-game" achievements to obtain.

    Finally, I'll concede, it's been awhile since anyone has asked about it, so maybe it did get bugged out since then and I simply didn't realize it. But as far as I'm aware, it's working, it's just ladder-only.

    Best of luck! I hope you get it soon!
  • Sweetroll_TyrantSweetroll_Tyrant Registered Users Posts: 9
    I actually saw your comment Valkaar, from march about this- it's why we tried a quickmatch, which did in fact put me on the leaderboard, amusingly.

    It is possible if somewhat unlikely he doesn't have the achievement; I can't verify he has it, but I can see looking up his profile he's a bit of a collector of achievements and has quite a few hours in WH1.

    I'll just have to keep looking for someone and I guess QM them and hope I get it...
  • Valkaar#2507Valkaar#2507 Registered Users Posts: 6,002
    Yeah, before they patched it, I didn't mind helping people get it in custom battles if they posted a request on here.

    I understand why CA implemented the change, it's just, kind of up to RNG with no MMR-based power matching. Some people get unlucky playing a streak of MP veterans.

    If you were guaranteed to get matched against someone with similar MMR, the achievement would be a lot easier for people to obtain on the ladder + make the ladder feel better overall for the competitive scene. It's something I hope CA changes in Game 3.

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