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Unique Knossos map

EighthCitizenEighthCitizen Registered Users Posts: 85
The Thebes, Troy, and Mycenae maps are really neat and the unique building effects are quite fun. Personally, because it's a victory condition city (and it's really cool), I'd like to see them add a map for Knossos. Like Thebes has a unique tier five building Knossos could be given a tier five building like the labyrinth or something else referencing Daedalus, the cities architect. I could potentially see what ever building being minotaur related building that lets you have two or more minotaurs and buffs them like Thebes buffs Spartoi. Lots of potential.

I could see these in game.


  • ChicoperarioChicoperario Registered Users Posts: 261
    Wow really cool. Are those bronze-age architecture?

    But wasn't there something about the cities of Crete having no walls? They could make up for that by making the settlement maps more "choke-point"y or have a stronger garrison.
  • EighthCitizenEighthCitizen Registered Users Posts: 85

    Wow really cool. Are those bronze-age architecture?

    But wasn't there something about the cities of Crete having no walls? They could make up for that by making the settlement maps more "choke-point"y or have a stronger garrison.

    That is Bronze age architecture. I'm not sure if it's specifically around the time of the Trojan war, but Knossos is the largest Bronze age archeological site on Crete. It's one of Europe's oldest cites. I'm not sure about cities having no walls, but if so then yes I wouldn't mind them compensating with barricades or choke points and a stronger garrison. A little anachronism also wouldn't be bad. Technically most of the settlement maps bear anachronisms in some form or another for example arrow towers. Mycenean cities at least didn't actually use them, yet I don't mind their inclusion (unless of sieging Mycenae of course XD).
  • RafSwi7RafSwi7 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,646
    Yeah, for me unique Knossos is the most wanted unique city map that I would like to see in the game at some point.

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