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Whats wrong with your guys?



  • oliverpmasonoliverpmason Registered Users Posts: 2,461
    Ninaran said:

    hendo1592 said:

    KronusX said:

    Maelas said:

    I mean, what else is there to talk about ?

    We don't know a thing about the game's mechanics, the siege rework, the diplomacy changes, the map, the gameplay or even the LLs abilities. Hell, despite having now 3 blogs on Miao Ying, we don't even know how she plays.

    We don't know the pre-order, we don't know the 4 last rosters, we don't know the 9th LL, or the surprise CA talked about. We don't even know about Zhao Ming except for the simplest of description, and given what we got this week, I'm not expecting much more for him.

    So, what is there to talk about ? When CA revealed Cathay, we had healthy, interesting discussions. Up to the moment we realized CA **** up Tzeentch. That's on CA for turning the discourse negative with such a blunder.

    And now, we're 2 weeks after, we've had 2 more blogs, and we've learned absolutely nothing new or of value. We haven't even have one new image !

    Of course people complains, we've exhausted every other talking point !

    CA haven't **** up Tzeentch. You are just jumping to conclusions based on images they have said are a work in progress.

    When they reveal Tzeentch then you can complain. What you are complaining about are certainly placeholders like feral Gorebeasts and Khorne warriors shouting WHAAAAAAGH!
    Then why there are plenty of threads about Tzeentch if CA did not ''**** up'' ?

    How about the fact at least a portion of the units we have seen so far are reskins for Tzeentch?

    The fact is, Maelas' point stands. We talk about what we have seen, not what ''might be'' . You said people are jumping to conclusions, yet CA tells us there is SO MUCH to talk about yet we heard 3 times in a row how Meow Ying is ''cold and aloof''.

    Firstly don't confuse the issues. CA doing three blogs about how Meow Ying is "cold and aloof " is nothing to do with the fact they haven't released Tzeentch yet.

    Watch the trailer again and in the first 10 seconds it says it's a work in progress. What that means is it isn't the completed game yet. The trailer we had last week was to showcase Cathay not Tzeentch so that is the part that isn't completed yet.

    Just wait until they release Tzeentch and then you will see their completed units.
    Voicing concerns and preferences are important feedback to give. Creating multiple hyperbole rich threads are less important (and more of an annoyance). Take it from someone who has been beating the battle pace drum for five years.
    Oh I agree. But saying Tzeentch has been **** before it's even revealed is not giving feedback. It's being silly.
    We have to give that feedback now and we have to give it hard.

    While there's still time for them to fix it. Simple as that. If we wait too long with out feedback, they might fall back on the "too close to release to fix, sorry" excuse.
    Yes. I'm all for giving feedback especially something like the Tzeentch Chaos Warriors and now is the right time to do it.

    I just wanted to push back against that one guy who said the the whole roster was ****. I also want them changed. If when they showcase Tzeentch and its not changed then I will throw my toys out the pram.
  • hendo’hendo’ Registered Users Posts: 2,976

    Ferestor said:

    That Catahy is to shiny,to good etc.

    Rar grammar issues! Makes me want to complain about this post!


    On a more serious note, fans always complain...It is over the top sometimes though. I completely agree.
    U nede too relax.
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