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Massive Leadership Loss

YohyohYohyoh Registered Users Posts: 8
edited September 2021 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
I playing a game of Warhammer 2, Mortal Empire campaign for the Wood Elves, Twilight Sisters.
I'm about 80 turns in, and I seem to be experiencing a strange map wide leadership bug. Every army, regardless of whom they are up against, or how dominating my forces are, even if I haven't lost a single unit, will experience a gradual and complete leadership loss across the entire army until they route. It only takes a couple of minutes, and even spamming leadership buffs do little against the constant rate of loss. It basically puts every battle on a rather short timer.

I have no earthly idea why this is happening. There are no events or anything that should be effecting my leadership. I don't have the sword of kaine. Everything was fine and dandy and then suddenly no leadership.

This looks like a bug if I've ever seen one.

Edit: Added recent save where the bug is present.
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