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Playing as Liu Bei, he dissappeared

WangqiiiiiWangqiiiii Registered Users Posts: 11
I was playing the Liu Bei 190 Campaign and randomly on turn 77 he and his retinue disappeared, and he was also no longer our faction leader. The faction leader is now some generic general who has no faction history, so he was randomly generated I think to take Liu Beis place. It autosaved by the time I realized this, and the most recent previous save alternative is 8 turns ago (8 big turns that I don't want to redo).

The game save I am attaching is the most recent one I see in there, even though it is technically outdated by about 24 hours. Not sure why I can't see any other recent ones.
The modified file has one mod in it that I added to my mods to try to get Liu Bei to reappear and was not in my list of mods when the error happened, its called "Five.pack" if those mod names are in the same order as what I see in my mod area on steam. Its a mod that adds Liu Bei and other generals to the player faction. I didn't play any turns with it on since I don't want the reason for my campaign to be screwed up from playing after this weird bug happened. Any help on this would be amazing.

V1.7.1 Build 17233.2290568 (modded)


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