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Who's Getting WH3 At Launch?



  • MonochromaticSpiderMonochromaticSpider Registered Users Posts: 1,828
    Brakier said:

    i dont know anymore, im so angry atm, ever seens the last trailer, and i realized that the khorne roaster reveal also had color swapt units i kinda just cant think straight.

    ive supported this so hard for so long, i got every dlc, and every total war game. other then 3k, " i have nothing against cathay"

    but just the attitude im getting from thes, they trying to sell me recolord units, like **** you can do in half an hour, they tryin to sell to me for 60 dollars? wasent this a chaos focused game? why are the chaos getting **** color swaps? no dlc,flc game has ever gotten a color swap, retexutre, sure but never just change of colors on the unit. its so beyond dishonest and greedy, that i cant stand it.

    im looking at those forsaken and i just see the orginal unit, wich im paying for again. same with the teenze chaos warrior. its deplorable.

    i like CA but what they are doing now is not a service to the player. selling me reused assets thats just been colord sswapt. zero time invested into the unit, is like they giving me the finger and they expect me to buy it still? im not so sure anymore.

    You do realise that there's slightly more in WH3 than just recolored forsaken and spawns and chaos warriors, right? There's also those spiffy Kislevite bear sleds, because who doesn't love driving around a sled on a bed of ice across the Lustrian swamps or the deserts of Nehekhara?

    On the positive side, there's also a whole lot of very decent-looking daemons of chaos and Cathay isn't looking too bad.
  • DraxynnicDraxynnic Registered Users Posts: 11,023
    edited October 2021
    My minimum standards:

    * Fix Nakai before TWW2 goes into maintenance mode.


    * Import the Vortex map into TWW3 (if you have TWW2 of course), so any fixes to game 2 DLC lords made in Game 3 can still be applied to their narrative campaigns.


    * Give the New World and the Southlands proper representation in the combined campaign, so the majority of Game 2 lords aren't left in overcrowded spaces pressed up against the edge of the map.

    Not saying that any one of these is necessarily sufficient - ideally I'd like to see at least two if not all three - but there'd need to be at least one of those, and I'd need to know about it before release.


    First, Nakai's narrative campaign apparently being left to rot despite being riddled with diplomacy bugs (okay, some might contest the use of the term 'bug', but I defy anyone to claim that Nakai's diplomatic handicaps were intentional) has completely killed my confidence that CA cares about fixing their mistakes. It's not the specific case (although it is one that hits close to home), it's the principle. If Nakai's narrative campaign is allowed to remain broken forever (and if neither my first or second condition is fulfilled, that's what will happen), who knows what else they'll allow to remain broken forever?

    Second, I don't feel like I'm actually getting anything from jumping in right away. Maybe the preorder race will be complete on delivery, but the core races certainly aren't. I play other games, I'm busy enough that I'd prefer to wait rather than play something I know to be incomplete, and I still have plenty of stuff that I'd like to get done in terms of TWW2 narrative campaigns. And I've grown tired of buying in early to support the company on faith that any mistakes they make, they'll eventually get around to fixing, so that's no longer an incentive. So the only incentive remaining to get in early is for the early adopter incentives, and you can bet that if I don't buy on release, I'm not going to buy until I can get stuff cheaper than if I did, since I have enough of a spiteful side that if a company doesn't get me to buy in on release, I'm not going to give them more money for failing to give me reason to buy on release.

    Third, in consideration of the above: Assuming I don't end up disconnecting entirely by then, waiting until Game 3 is in a more advanced state will give me a better idea of what I'd actually be buying. If the Mortal Empires replacement isn't available on release, it'll give the opportunity to see what that looks like. It'll give the opportunity to see what other new races are added. It'll give the opportunity to see which prior races get updated and which are neglected, and which Game 3 core races get the skaven treatment and which get the... well, everybody else treatment* (CA's pledge not to play favourites is something else I've lost faith in). If at the end of the day, CA has done justice to the races I'm most interested in**, then I might be willing to forgive Nakai, but I'm not going to buy anything on the assumption that that will happen years into the future, since I think there's a very real chance that it won't.

    *Because I'm probably not going to respond to any responses to this, I'm going to anticipate a possible response to this and elaborate, in alphabetical order:

    Dark Elves: Pretty close to complete with respect to the 8E army book, but pretty much nothing from outside of it (despite there being material available to draw from, and neither of their DLC lords are well regarded.

    High Elves: Best of the three in terms of mechanics (fairly simple, but they largely do what they're supposed to) and legendary lord quality. Has least variety in generic lords (unless you think weaponswaps and loreswaps count), despite having other options in the army book, and has the least complete roster with respect to the 8E army book among the Game 2 races. Widely theorised to get a third DLC in Game 3 to fix this, but unlike Skaven with Thanquol, this is purely speculation. Campaign performance overinflated by Entrepreneur cheese.

    Lizardmen: Three DLCs, 8E army book completed with extras, but still pretty much playing with the lacklustre mechanics they launched with apart from a slann rework that expanded them from 3 lores available to 4... when they should have as many as the High Elves. Seen as the loser in every DLC they've been in when it comes to the quality of their legendary lords.

    **People who were tracking me before I mostly disengaged will probably be able to guess at least a couple of these. But I'm not going to provide a list here because if CA does pay attention to this post, I'd prefer them to fix (including completing the rosters for) all the races that need it rather than the ones that happen to be my favourites.
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