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Friendly reminder that CA is a Company and you are just Customers.



  • IoriYamadaIoriYamada WalesRegistered Users Posts: 792

    So the thread got sneakily moved to chat. Such a polite deletion.

    It's a business discussion.
  • bilbobaggins764bilbobaggins764 Registered Users Posts: 156
    elkapp said:

    I wanted to make this post since i'm seeing too many people treating CA like a distorted version of Santa Claus, that gives you gifts (TWW3, DLCs) if you behave well (don't cry in the forums). Which is **** bs.

    Let me make this clear: CA don't have to make you happy, they don't even have to release TWW3 with all the features they promised, or even release it at all, because CA is a private company and they do whatever the **** they want to.
    On the other side you're not CA's puppy that buy each content they publish without question, you're a customer, and as a customer with (hopefully) at least a couple of connected neurons you can decide to use your money somewhere else IF TWW3, when it will be released, will stand below your expectations.

    I just want to point out we dont have to give them our money. TW has gone a direction i dont care for and have not purchased a game since Rome 2. I mostly just hang around in hopes of a Tolkien TW that can be fixed after CA release it via mods.
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