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WD article: Morglum Necksnapper

Red_Dox#2328Red_Dox#2328 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 6,450
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It's still Orctober so after WAAAGH! Grumlok we continue with another famous Black Orc.

Interesting selfmade conversion.

Morglum was the Black Orc special Char in 4th edition Orcs&Goblins.

Source: WD 177 (UK)

He had a battlereport

Source: WD 178 (UK)

He was also around for a superduper 25.000 points 8-player WD battle report, even if that might not be of actual lore relevance if looking over who else was around for that battle ;)

Source: WD 181 (UK)

His historical biggest acknowledgment (so far) seems to be crushing some stupid Bretonnians crossing Morglums path in teh Worlds Edge Mountains.

He also worked with Gorfang Rotgut at least once together.

In 6th edition, with the new O&G armybook, GW introduced Grimgor and Wurrzag, while all the older ones were put on the reserve bench. Morglum and some others still got updated rules over the GW Homepage.

Some sites also attribute the 6th edition armybook cover artwork as well as another Adrian Smith artwork to be Morglum.

Conversion for the artwork: https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/21495
But I can't really confrim that these should really show a "more modern" Morglum. So take them with a bunch of salt.

It was clear that Grimgor as the new Black Orc was now there to be the new biggest and meanest. And that held true for later editions. Morglum still manages to be mentioned every now and then like in the 8th edition armybook.

He even was around for "The (horrible) Endtimes" as a sidenote about how he got defeated by Grimgor while Grimgor demolished the east :(

It is noteworthy that he still was alive and in power then. Remember, Orc society is build around being the thoughest and sharpest while we don't really know how long those fungi can live naturally. And while GW did not really made much out of Morglum, from 2488-2525+ to be alive and in charge means he might have a lot of stories to tell if someone would take the time for his chronicles. Who knows what his boyz managed in the Worlds Edge or the Dark Lands or maybe even further east that was never chronicled by some Empire scholar ;)

Also noteworthy: One of Morglums cronies

already made it into the greenskin research tree.

Which brings us to a possible TWW future. The Necksnapper tribe already was shortly a TWW faction.

With the upcoming Dark Lands map expansion, and probably still having the Worlds Edge Mountains around, Morglums playground would be right there and CA could place him basically were they would need maybe some variety. Assuming Grimgor will not be put into the Dark Lands, Morglum Necksnapper is the next best thing. He is also riding a boar so all the "but Gorbad would be unique for boar riding" arguments would be also dealt with and as a Black Orc of course Morglum has bad blood with the Chaos Dwarfs. Which could make an excellent rival DLC, even if we have the obstacle of Chaos Dwarfs probably being a DLC race themselves now.
Once we see the first parts of the game#3 campaign map, I would at least keep an eye out for the Necksnapper tribe (assumingly around Worlds Edge Mountains). Would be a waste to not use them and if on the map, who knows what comes later. I think we all expect another crossover DLC in game#3 no matter what. Even if we are not sure which LL might be leading whatever new content then, Morglum would be a solid choice to raid against Cathay or Kislev.

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  • MisterSquid#9555MisterSquid#9555 Florida, USARegistered Users Posts: 2,137
    Great to hear about these obscure characters. I think Morglum would be a great "throwback" LL much like Rakarth was, seeing as both hail from the 4th edition. I'm fully in agreement that Morglum would make a great Warhammer III Greenskins LL, with a big focus on Boar Boyz and Boar Chariots.
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  • Karak_SpoonKarak_Spoon Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,438

    Would be a great LH for Grimgor when he is moved out to the East somewhere if we get Gorfang Rotgut.

    Gorfang Rotgut has been in the game since laucnh, but he's basically a generic Orc Warboss with a unique name.

    If CA do get around to giving him a unique model (like Boris Todbringer) I hope they do the same thing for Kazador Dragonslayer because those two have a history.

    Great to hear about these obscure characters. I think Morglum would be a great "throwback" LL much like Rakarth was, seeing as both hail from the 4th edition. I'm fully in agreement that Morglum would make a great Warhammer III Greenskins LL, with a big focus on Boar Boyz and Boar Chariots.

    Bigger names ahead of him for him to be a LL in my opinion. Gorfang and Grimbad should be priority. Morglum was 2nd in command to Grimgor's WAAAGH against the chaos dwarfs and should be a powerful LH but nothing more.

    Gorfang is a hulking 200 year old titan of an orc with more armour than a battleship, also as big as a troll and could potentially come with a unique chariot mount like the one he had in lore.

    Gorfang would also most likely come with a specialization in diplomatic as he was very smart for an orc and allied with Skarsnik.

    Here are the two meeting together.


    Gorbad Ironclaw is also looming on the horizon and CA have already given him a campaign objective or erased part of his legacy (depending on your point of view) in The Empire rework by moving Gelt to the restored province of Solland because Gorbad Ironclaw was the one who wiped Solland off the map in the first place.

  • Captain_Rex#1635Captain_Rex#1635 Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 37,550
    I really like him and personally hope that we’ll see him in WH3.
    Would be fun to have a GS LL focusing on cavalry and Chariots.
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  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 14,927
    edited October 2021
    I don't expect Gorfang to ever be playable, unless they decide to make some form of FLC rivalry addition of him versus Kazador. And I honestly think that these two only have a chance as FLC against each other, because I don't expect CA to repeat rivalries between the same races in DLCs.

    Call it "The Most Grievous Grudge" FLC.

    Outside of that, Grimgor would probably stay where he is, and Morglum would head a future Greenskins DLC, probably making him out to be a Boar Boyz buffing commander for the fun of it. After all, Orcs need a DLC, really bad. And then a second, Forest Goblin themed DLC under Snagla.

    Gorbad ain't coming home.
    Furthermore, I consider that Daemon Prince must be removed.
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