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Lietpold the Black would be the perfect DoW LL to represent the Border Princes



  • Boria#9178Boria#9178 Registered Users Posts: 547
    Before I joined I always keep watch of certain people, look like most of them are not here some were Vainilla_Gorilla, Neodeinos, Lucibuis etc there was that person seem kind of angry Unknonw2631 or 6230 I don't quite remember I liked is content.

    That person made a list of Southern Realms and this one of them, he also mentioned Lorenzo Lupo and Borgio De Besieger for Tilea Lietpold the black for Border Princes, as for Estalia sadly they never developed the area, but there can be a unique new character. Carlos IX of MAgritta,

    Estalia unlike Tilea that depended more on Mercenary troops, had their own mini roster in earlier editions with morion helmets and everything

    Estalian Diestros- Elite fencers
    Estalian Caballeros- Horsemen, lance and Melee, they would be a hybrid of Charging and Melee cav.
    Estalian Bandolleros Gringos- Arquebusiers/Melee
    Estalian Hombres Villanos- (Villain men)Spanish Rodeleros with a really silly name.

    Another unique thing about them is they use the Cult of Myrmida members and Augurs of Morr in conjunction.

    They are known for their Pikes, Crossbows, and Elite Fencers.
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