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Light of battle and dwarf suggestions

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Okay, lets keep this short. Both I feel apply particularly to MP which is why im posting here.

1. Light of battle would be better if it came with a benefit like perfect vigor as long as the spell holds. The benefits would be twofold, one to really give it a tactical use beyond just "please be a roadblock a few seconds longer" and a thematic "the light touches you and the inspiration to fight on overwhelms you." So if you timed it really well you could actually make a reasonable case for bringing it. Right now its fairly rare to see anyone take it.

2. Please give dwarfs access to the Clan Angrund ghost heroes (and other races with similar subfaction locked units to be available under the whole races banner.) Right now its excessively restrictive. If you take Clan Angrund in MP, there's a 90% chance you're doing it to take the ghost heroes and a 10% chance to bait them into going too heavy on magic damage. Its just silly and is locking off content for no apparent reason.


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