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Stuff I would like to see for WH3

SusaVile#9835SusaVile#9835 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,430
So, after some information in, I would like to request some changes to the game, and see what other players think about it as well.


1 - Supply lines: As it has been discussed at eternun, changes to the system would be in order. Be it unit caps like TK or Beastmen, or the Brettonia style, it would be welcomed. In essence, any system that would allow a player to be able to field smaller armies to defend specific areas, or to have dedicated armies for specific roles (fast cavalry armies to reinforce, mass artillery for a siege, etc), it would allow more variety of gameplay in the campaign map. I have thought of a system such as the one existing in Warcraft III, where if your army has "x" units, it increases upkeep, and "y" units it increases even further, but there is no specific "supply lines" upkeep, of course.

2 - Chaos invasion: sure, this is going to change, but the notion of the herdstone from Beastmen should probably be embraced in one way or another, specially for the Chaos undivided and Norsca factions (or anyone that really does not conquer the whole map, to be able to prevent the annoying whack-a-mole endgame that follows colonization).

3 - More campaign objectives and interaction: treasure hunts and the puzzles in the ruins were a nice addition, although not a large one. More of those mechanics would be nice, and would provide even more variety in gameplay.

4 - Victory objectives massively reviewed: this in particular for the Mortal Empires campaigns, which will take time, of course, but there should be definitely a massive review of those objectives. I would like to add the "world domination" one, for those players that like to kill all enemy factions or conquer the whole map, and please give us even a small video after finishing a campaign, it is kinda bland nowadays without even a small cutscene for a victory.

5 - Corruption: this is a mechanic that could be improved a lot, specially with the chaos invasion and different monogods. Different corruption should cause different stuff in your provinces, maybe if Tzeentch's corruption (imagine there is one for each monogod) there is a chance a settlement will join them or revolt or something, or if Nurgle's corruption is high, a plague will spawn, that type of idea.

6 - Order tide/Greenskin tide/Skaven tide/Dark Elf tide, etc: basically, add a randomizer for each campaign, making a specific faction less or more aggressive, more or less territorial, the mass migration idea (where a faction attempts to colonize some location far away), etc. You can also give them buffs or tweaks to the autoresolve, something to make the game feel different (like, one game you suddenly have Lizards all over the place, in other games, Beastmen take over, or Vampire Coast dominates in others, etc).

7 - Different faction mechanics, and different within each lord. I guess this is something we can count on as CA has definitely been doing this over the course of WH2, keep that up, enjoying the idea.


1 - Also discussed at large, the 3Kingdoms or Troy idea of giving you a hint of what you need for the faction to accept (or if it is even possible). More of a QoL change too.

2 - Similar to how the High Elves intrigue works, it should really be an option for most factions to improve or reduce relations between others. Maybe even give this to agents instead.

3 - Heavily improve relations with treaties and pacts, and bind the AI a bit more to them.

Battle changes:

1 - Siege rework: this could have a thread of its own, but basically I would like the typical stuff:
- artillery on walls;
- layers of walls;
- different capture points;
- deployables;
- DITCHES!!! easiest defensive notion ever, just build a few ditches, maybe on higher levels of the garrison building, and force the enemy to bring bridges or fill in the ditch (maybe with casualties, as an action outside of the main battle, or in the battle, just like units bring magical ladders, give them something to fill in those ditches).
- 360 sieges, I mean, pretty self-explanatory.
- different siege equipment for each faction; like, underground factions could probably dig in before to open an entry under the walls, reinforced towers for advanced factions;
- garrisons that we can choose the units on; would love the idea that we could change the garrisons, like, can even be a building or a button we click to add a unit to the garrison (or pay to modify an existing one).

2 - A clearer way of showing the unit does not have line of sight;

3 - UI changes:
- shortcuts for every ability or spell (including guard mode);
- maybe f1, f2, f3 for Lord/heroes, instead of using the normal groups; similar to how Warcraft 3 did;
- camera, I mean, plenty of players prefer a camera mod that goes higher or closer precisely because it is important and helpful;
- disengage button (sure, the J key exists, but perhaps in a different way), like, force the unit to completely avoid combat and disengage, retreating until they are somewhat far from the enemy. This would allow players to stop spamming "go here" commands when a unit refuses to respond properly. For this to happen, improved pathfinding for models would be required (aiming high here).
- brace yourselves button; self explanatory, prepare to be charged upon.
- raise shields or formation for defending vs missile fire; self explanatory as well.
- army formation variety. Empire had a lot of those, and so did other previous TW games, so... bring it back, they were useful.

4 - Terrain changes to battles, just like in Troy; weather if possible, including rain causing a reduction in missile effectiveness, fog creating a better chance to hide and missiles to miss, etc.

5 - High ground modifiers enhanced, like, Rome 1 and Medieval 2, the advantage of being on teh high ground was very noticeable; right now, makes very little difference, specially concerning ranged attacks (they used to miss a LOT more when hitting targets on higher ground).

6 - Reinforcements: add the possibility of the AI controling some units;
- add buttons for the whole army to arrive in a formation at least;
- give us a deploy area for the reinforcements too, so we can send them in already pre-deployed;
- Button to swap between armies during the battle; fighting 40x40 + battles is unfortunately time consuming and micro intensive just in terms of organization. Simplify it. One button, change between Army 1 and 2, the Army 1 unit cards give way to the Army 2 unit cards, and you have your control groups doubled (like, for instance, I use 1, 2, 3, for lords and heroes, 4 for ranged, 5 for frontline, 6 flanking, 0 for artillery. Being able to do this for the second army as well, and swap at the flick of a button would create a much better quality of life for controlling those battles.

General QoL:

1 - ARMY and Lord/hero skills:
- instead of the lord having redline skills, go back to Rome 2 and Attila and have the army with its own set of skills. This could even be just for some factions, if lore based, for example. It would allow a greater variety of skills, and a review of the system in place, so that players can enjoy having a good army buffed up, and a good Lord with its magic;
- A review of the system could go in place. Skills like Immortality and Lightning Strike become completely game changers at a flick of a button; change their mechanics, give a Lord a quest for immortality or grant it as soon as he reaches level "X", it feels just too much of a no-brainer; Lightning Strike has been discussed at large, my take, it is too powerful for it to just be a skill point, could have tweaks in that regard, without reducing its strength;
- A better revised notion of the buffs granted by the Red/Yellow/Blue line. Some factions, for example, receive amazing stat buffs with their redline skills, while others receive much less (like leadership minor buffs, not exactly game changing).

2 - pathfinding: tired of the game telling me that the army can reach the enemy, for it to stop right at the gates of the enemy settlement. I mean specially when the army lands, and I tell them to attack.. sometimes they do, sometimes they don't... Particularly for legendary, this is one of the reasons I hate playing the difficulty, as it is always unclear and one of those "wish I could reload" moments, due to a non-intentional pathfinding problem.

3 - information on why an agent or army can see the enemy army composition. I never know what prompts this. There is no information as far as I know of how you can position yourself to scout the enemy army adequately, and it is vital for gameplay.

4 - Warhammeropedia
- Similar to Civilization games, have a REALLY extensive wikipedia with all the stuff that players should know. It is sad seeing comments from players with 1000 hours into the game without knowing how Overcasting works, or the "J" button functionality, or that having 10 of the same building reduces the global recruitment turns of whatever units it allows to recruit. This should be in game. Perfect that you are adding damage values, that is great, but this should be in the game information.

- Information on how a unit will look like after XP/Research/redline buffs. Hey, I even went ahead and did a spreadsheet for this for all factions and all units, it is an amazing piece of information, to know exactly how strong your units will be once you have everything set.

5 - Laboratory: similar to above, allows us to change the values of a unit INTO the values of a unit after XP/Research/REdline buffs, to test out some stuff.

6 - Difficulty:
- Instead of the AI obtaining buffs in battle, I would like for it to be more efficient at creating good armies and buffing its units, to counter yours. These can be pre-designated templates, like make 3 or 4 for each legendary lord, and that will be what he aims at obtaining for the lategame. Then make sure that the higher the difficulty, the better the lord gets at obtaining that army, and the better it buffs it up with skills/anciliaries/research, etc. Maybe legendary difficulty would use templates of armies that are good at fighting AGAINST your typical armies (such as focus on armor piercing versus Dwarfs and Chaos, or focus on single entity killers versus Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings).

A lot, I know. Should have done this sooner. Would love to see even a few of these changes in place. Thanks for reading.
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  • TheTrue_LordAndy#1434TheTrue_LordAndy#1434 Registered Users Posts: 1,004
    The Troy resource economy would also be interesting, but may be too complicated to implement at this point in mortal empires and may not make sense for some races.

    Many good ideas here. Diplomacy for me is a big one. after having played over 1000 hours in 3Kingdoms, I can't help but feel underwhelmed and annoyed by how poor / outdated the diplomacy is in TW Warhammer 2.
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,141
    I’d just really like to see what they’ve actually done to change it up from TWW2. I think we’re well and truly beyond coming up with ideas at this point. Still some good things in your list.

    I was under the impression though that pre selecting and keeping unit groups after a battle was going to be a QoL update to TWW2 at one point but that never came. If that doesn’t come in TWW3 I’ll be bummed.
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