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I know how to make the attackers better for sieges!

Woona_BatWoona_Bat Registered Users Posts: 1
We'll use the capture points within the siege as the primary foundation for ease of implementation of functionality. As for what buffs/faction specifics, it's of course all just a What if?

Imagine you're attacking the city Nan Gau but all the defenders have these cool barricades and towers they can just construct out of the blue, but what about us? Where we typically attack in sieges 90% of the time. So here's an idea on how to make attacking better for sieges.

Let's say you reach inside the walls and you capture the point, suddenly an army ability (aka the buttons on the right side of the screen) or alternatively it is given as a temporary item for that unit that captured the zone, has a "Raid for potions!" option which since you've captured the area you can raid the Potion shop for healing, it's a meager amount say 100-250 hp but it is something to consider when you're planning your route through the maze of the city. Alternatively, say on the opposite side of the city there is an armory there and when captured you gain the ability to "Raid the Armory!" which grants a small +5 Melee Attack or +5 Melee Defense stat boost.

List view:
Universal Effects (Things that can happen in all factions when you capture the zone)
Minor Supply Point:
"Raid for potions!" - 100-250hp
"Raid the Armory!" - +5 Melee Attack or +5 Melee Defense

Victory Point:
+10 Leadership For attacker map-wide, -10 Leadership for the defenders since they've lost their victory point.

Key building:
Walls - +5 Leadership (Map-Wide)
Plaza - Immunity to Psychology (Map-Wide)

I have a lot of ideas for specific faction effects for grabbing a zone but let's try to keep this very simple and minor so there's nothing broken upon release. Let me know what you think down below, I'm excited to hear your opinions and thoughts!


  • SaurianDruid#4682SaurianDruid#4682 Registered Users Posts: 1,749
    Sieges shouldn't have a mechanic that makes it easier for the besieger to win the siege. The entire point of walls and fortifications is that it makes the invader have a very difficult time invading.
  • WarlockeWarlocke Registered Users Posts: 4,083
    “We'll use the capture points within the siege as the primary foundation for ease of implementation of functionality.”

    What happened to this sentence? 😂
  • Rob18446Rob18446 Registered Users Posts: 2,313
    I like the idea personally, from what we've seen there's no real incentive for the attacker to interact with capture points aside from weakening defences, and therefore no real incentive for the defender to actually defend them, they could just blob round the last one still. Adding some kind of bonus, be it buffs or reinforcements would make you actually care about holding as much of the city as possible.
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