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Next Episode Please.

CollingwoodCollingwood MemberRegistered Users Posts: 111
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I've just completed the game playing as Wessex; built every building possible; the entire British Isles are under my sway; I have a million in the bank; and up pops another really important historical character by the name of 'Godwine'.

Who of course was the father of Harold Godwinson, who fought William of Normandy at the Battle of Hastings.
The year is only 1001, and I have nothing left to do other than start the game again as another faction.

Oh man, we really need the Normans and the North coast of Brittany and Normandy, and Harold Hadrada in Norway, with the newly created nation of Francia causing trouble, together with all the English rebels who wept joyously when William died naked in a bare cellar. And the Picts and the Scots, and.....well, you get the picture.

From Edward the Confessor forward please.

Thrones II.

Pretty Please? :)
'In Peace, prepare for War. In War, prepare for more War' - Anon
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