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(WH2) Looking for a couple of siege battle mods...

AsmodeusUltimaAsmodeusUltima Registered Users Posts: 2
Okay, it is entirely possible that these exist and my searching ability just sucks. It is equally possible that these things are hard-coded and impossible to mod. What I am looking for, and would greatly appreciate someone pointing them out to me if they do exist:

1) A mod allowing spells, specifically wind spells to be cast on walls. I am sure it is a balance thing, but it just seems so arbitrary that it is not allowed, and realistically they are all lined up so nice and tempting...

2) A mod that allows melee siege attackers, like war mammoths, to target towers as well. I mean, they can bash through the big, thick wall, but for some weird reason can't even take a swing at the much weaker tower? Extremely annoying.

Thanks for any help you can provide. Happy Gaming, everyone!

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