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Tzeentch: Reveal Plans, Teleportation, Cults and more

Stacks_LeeStacks_Lee Registered Users Posts: 364
Troll Panel UI

I'm especially intrigued by the "Reveal Plans" option here. I would guess it reveals the AI's planned movements for the next turn? Lots of fun options available here, but it also looks like most are tech-gated. Probably for the best when it comes to balance.

Winds of Magic Manipulation + Reworked WOM Mechanics

Tzeentch being able to manipulate the winds comes as no surprise, but I'm curious as to what's in store for the reworked Winds of Magic and Power Reserves mechanics. It seems like the winds will have a much more active effect on the campaign map than how they function currently.

Unique Corruption Bonuses

The Cathay Mechanics post also revealed the unique corruption types for each god. It looks like each level of global corruption unlocks a new action on the map. From this excerpt we also learn that Barrier is a unique Tzeentch mechanic available for all the faction's units.


In addition to unlocking Unholy Manifestations, high corruption in a local area will also give you the opportunity to create a cult. It looks like most the Tzeentch options revolve around controlling the local Winds of Magic.


Everything you love and hate about Underway and Stock in one handy stance! Also tech-gated for good reason. Looks like you'll want to kill the Tzeentch faction as soon as possible if you want to avoid mass deep striking armies late in your campaign...

Tech Tree

Definitely doesn't sound like a run of the mill tech tree. Overall I actually think Tzeentch's mechanics seem even more exciting than Grand Cathay's.


  • summertimelovin#4461summertimelovin#4461 Registered Users Posts: 548
    I definitely find Tzeentch's mechanics much more interesting and fun than Cathays. Really excited to use the Changing of the Ways to manipulate the campaign map in my favor.
  • Bies#4376Bies#4376 Registered Users Posts: 6,090
    cannot wait to use it and support minor factions :o

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  • summertimelovin#4461summertimelovin#4461 Registered Users Posts: 548
    Bies said:

    cannot wait to use it and support minor factions :o

    Oh aye. Minor and major factions alike will become my unsuspecting puppets, believing their actions are completely they're own as they betray friends and take lands from allies.
  • bli-nk#6314bli-nk#6314 Registered Users Posts: 6,030
    Tzeentch was the only Chaos faction I was sort of anticipating playing and now I am definitely going to try a migration campaign with them, probably wait until the combined map is released and focus on corrupting Ulthuan then ending the Great Plan in Lustria but the mechanics do hint at a HUGE number of changes to WH2 mechanics, I didn't expect CA to re-use much from 3K but now I am wondering...
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  • HeresyHoundHeresyHound Registered Users Posts: 8,285
    Bies said:

    cannot wait to use it and support minor factions :o

    Congratulations Broken Chainz tribe you now own Altdorf!
  • LennoxPoodle#1380LennoxPoodle#1380 Registered Users Posts: 1,818
    You know what, there's a hidden kill faction button in there, only in the combined map though! It's called Force War with Taurox :wink:

    What I'm truly excited about is that we've got the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th common mechanic/goal shared by all factions of a race. Just like with the Great Bastion and Cathay all factions of a given Monogod work together to an extend in order to spread their patrons corruption. This actually conveys the feeling of being part of a larger meta faction. Let's hope we get something like that for Kislev too, as it's totally lacking in older races outside the Empire (and even then only if the player is Reikland or the Gold Order). In fact I'd be happy if all old factions would get something similar, exceptions being Greenskins, Counts, Pirates, Warriors and Beastmen, maybe Tomb Kings.
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