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Something we've missed in the siege rework video



  • bli-nk#6314bli-nk#6314 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,980

    Ichon said:

    20% range bonus in a siege situation where 80% of the firing arc of units standing on barricades will be blocked by buildings doesn't matter. WTF does CA keep giving offensive bonuses when the main benefit should be defensive bonuses?

    A range bonus is a defensive bonus.....
    Really? I only watched one video and saw screen grab of the unit card but usually range bonus is a bonus to ranged attack. Missile block chance or defensive bonus vs ranged is usually how it is worded otherwise.

    20% missile block chance would make way more sense and is something walls should have offered since WH1. I'd say it should probably be even higher than 20% but if it stacks on shields, physical resist, and ward save is probably appropriate.
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