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EPIC RAP BATTLES OF WARHAMMER: Skarbrand VS. Kairos Fateweaver

TheWattman#7460TheWattman#7460 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,576


Skarbrand the Exiled One


Kairos Fateweaver


RAAAAAAAAAW FOR KHORNE, sound the Warhorn!
For blood and battle, Skarbrand was born!
Eons of slaughter and I never even cared!
Im 1st of all Daemons so you should be scared!
Are you for real, is my challenge a cracked up bird?
Well it makes sense, your boss is a cowardly nerd!
If you come at me, I'll trash both of your ugly faces!
For I am the bane of all Warhammer races!

That was interesting, but sadly lacking!
I expected more from the Herald of the Attack King!
But then again, I should hardly be surprised!
From one that a giant failure can be surmised!
You're powerful yeah, but its hard not to have missed!
That your antics even got your FORMER master ****!
Laying axe upon a god, that's the highest treason!
Maybe that'll teach you blood is not the only reason!

Well atleast I got the nerve to challenge my master!
Im not hiding in the backline, like a caster!
I mean hey, even Tzeentch knows you're a push-over!
And btw, your spell-selection is like a compensation Rover!
I may be Exiled, but I still serve the Blood God!
He's not like your Raven, just too damn odd!
Now out of my way while I melt Kislev to dust and bone!
As Im always on mission, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!

That's bold of you to say, but guess what I hear?
That one of your kin got owned by a fairy bear!
And how will you beat them, oh great blood pawn!
When puny mortals can stroll up on Khorne's front lawn!
Meanwhile I savage the capitals of Grand Cathay!
I bring the Change-rain, like the great Michael Bay!
You're nothing, Im the past and future seer!
Now run away or I'll call the Angkul Engineer!




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