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EPIC RAP BATTLES OF WARHAMMER (3): Count Noctilus VS. Mannfred von Carstein

TheWattman#7460TheWattman#7460 Registered Users Posts: 2,015


Count Noctilus


Mannfred von Carstein


When rapping against you, its hard to know where to even begin.
Let me open with asking who got the greater chin?
In fact I can't even with your entire face.
With your look, no wonder you don't got none of your sire's grace.
And I will never call you the Count of Sylvania.
You're more like the Overlord of Unhinged Megalomania.
What even is your plan for the world, please explain?
As your End-record makes even Commodore Harkon look sane!

Just what I need today, another Carstein to get in my way!
Can you do me a favour and just bang yourself away?
You're standing there, right in the path of my vision.
At this point you're asking for a backlining incision!
Im Mannfred, the foremost V-Count to this date!
Campaigns like mine would earn anyone the title Great.
Where I go, schemes and plots alter the fate of thrones.
For without me, master Nagash would still be only bones!

Oh yeah, "real great job with your plot-persistance."
Your shenanigans erased literally all of existance!
This is exactly why I roll with warships and frigates.
Like can you please pick a side longer than 5 minutes?
So forgive me if I find lording in the homeland a ridiculous notion.
Please excuse me while I sail to command the Great Ocean.
For that is now my kingdom, with a graveyard as my seat.
And all sailors run at the sight of mighty Dreadfleet!

If so mighty then I demand you explain yourself.
Why the game has your fleet a meagure shadow of itself?
Here you got a madman and a freak to call as crew.
And lets not forget the horrible singer too!
While I rule the dead of the world as is my right.
Against my approaching night, nobody can resist or fight.
I welcome your leave, here I'll show you to the gate.
For now it is my eve, the Carstein Empire is my fate!




That imperial fate is something you can forget.
For when it comes to you son, I have nothing but regret!
A true vampire should be more than a slave or zombie master.
How have you not learned from your pattern of disaster?
Your methods of power make me outright disgusted.
While I got the province by being trusted!
For I stand and fight, while you always take flight.
To the world you're nothing more than a shadowy blight.
Enough of this, I command you to resign.
I may have sired you, but you are no heir of mine!


requested by @UberReptilian


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