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Possible Khorne Mechanics?

GoldfishLord#2862GoldfishLord#2862 Registered Users Posts: 491
I totally just copied and pasted my response to a similar thread, but I want to see when people respond lol. Discuss!

Skulls as a currency would really only be a text "reskin" of other currencies; the income all largely works the same. I still think that CA should do it, but I don't consider it to be a mechanic in and of itself.

1) Maybe units could have their kills contribute to individually tracked skull counts that unlocked benefits for that particular unit, rewarding them for their actual kills and encouraging the player to utilize all aspects of their army to get the best results. Khorne's favor represented with each unit. Perhaps hard to implement - I'm not sure. It's similar to the scrap mechanic but each unit has to earn their own upgrades.

2) I don't think that Khorne heroes should be able to wound as an agent action. Instead, it could be neat to replace it with a "Duel" feature unique to Khorne. Khorne heroes can challenge enemy heroes that they encounter on the campaign map (regardless of whether they are at war or not) and have a mini-battle between just the two heroes. If Khorne corruption is high enough in a region, then Khorne heroes can duel enemy heroes that are embedded in armies as well. These battles can be auto-resolved if desired. If successful, then enemy forces in the nearby area are debuffed, public order is decreased, Khorne corruption increases, and any potential Khorne cult mechanic is bolstered by winning the duel. This would encourage the player to sink points into the combat abilities of heroes used on the campaign map, according to the will of their deity.

3) Khorne factions could have the ability to "mark" enemy lords every so many turns. Once marked, there is a quest to kill that lord in battle, with a turn limit associated with it. If killed in that time, then that lord (legendary or not) is permanently killed.

4) A trophy mechanic, by faction. Largely, this would provide additional benefits for defeating legendary lords, perhaps banners or such that can be assigned at will. Unlocking the trophy for legendary lords may require idea #3 to be fulfilled (perma-killed). Maybe you could have a tracker that tallies the skulls collected from each faction that you are at war with, with tiered rewards. Lords and heroes could count for multiple skulls perhaps. Legendary lords collected as trophies could have items unlocked, like the "Skull of Balthasar Gelt" that counts as a talisman and decreases the enemy WoM while increasing magic resistance. Some factions could feature trophies for entities apart from lords, like a dread saurian tooth or something.

5) The above idea would feature a lot of sub-menus. Maybe to mitigate this, the faction "Trophy Rooms" have to be constructed in the ruins of a settlement owned by that faction, akin to an undercity. Alternatively, they could be tied to the tech tree.

Those seem really fun to me, but I can also think of a few points against them. What do you think?


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