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Dear CA. Please reveal rosters sooner as it makes the community less frustrated and less debacles

The_Radude#3776The_Radude#3776 Registered Users Posts: 424
I remember while waiting for TWW2 whenever a faction got their in-game engine trailer, the roster was then revealed a day or two after then unit spotlights and gameplay.

Now for TWW3 marketing, it has been switched around and that is making a lot of people frustrated.

I didn't mind at first but now I can see it.

The whole #JusticeforTzeentch was because people thought that Tzeentch chaos warriors were simple recolors unlike the unique models of Chaos warriors of Khorne. But we had to wait a few weeks since the trailers for the Tzeentch roster to show us that chaos warriors of Tzeentch are not even in the launch roster!

If this roster came out a few days after the Tzeentch trailer or even earlier after the Cathay trailer that showed those recolor chaos warriors are not in the roster and were just placeholders or scrapped than it would have saved a lot of frustration and anger from the community

This is not coming from a place of hate but please CA, reveal the roster first after the faction in-engine trailer and then the unit spotlights and gameplay. It will make the community happy and less frustrated.


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