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EPIC RAP BATTLES OF WARHAMMER (6): Ungrim Ironfist VS Kholek Suneater

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Pardon mr announcer, I spy a missing component.
Before me I see a distinct lack of any opponent?
Oh hello little puny, didn't see you down there!
Against you I hardly need to bring any strength to bare.
What's the point to battle a creature sworn to die I wonder?
Nevertheless, prepare to face the Lord of Thunder!
Come on, I dare you to charge and give me a Slayer shout.
I'll give your Garagrim some proper stuff to Mourn about!

Yes the Duty of a Drengi but there is another thing.
Besides that I also Hold the oath of a Dawi King!
And what manners of a king sells his people into servitude?
A pact so shameful the sun shuns you with certitude!
As with your strength, I have a question for your lore pages.
With all that, how were you frozen by mere Elgi mages?
And when you battle true kings they always put you to bed.
Outcome just like with Setttra, its off with your head!

I remind you that happened after 4 days of glorious battle.
Somehow I doubt that you can offer a similar rattle.
Cause Im the one who looked over the walls of Praag.
While you would probably drown stepping in a bog!
I'll roll over you no matter how many a knockresist patch.
And against mighty Starcrusher, you've met your match.
Nevermind, I don't need it to make you drop the ball.
All I need to do is fart to make your Kadrin fall!

I faced Archaon and put the Merc in a bag.
When Im done here you'll be nothing but a giant rag!
For I wield Dargo for the one and only reason.
Me thinks its time for Dragon Ogre Slaying Season.
And as for the hold's fall, we Dawi stood tall.
Countless Thaggoraki felled by the Thunderfist haul.
Im the Incarnate of Fire, you better flee this time.
Or I'll torch your ass worse than what I did to Averheim!


requested by @KuntingWarrior (now please leave the penguins alone)

Previous battles, always open to be voted on:


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