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Lokhir Fellheart, the new Alith Anar?

ElvenPlotArmourElvenPlotArmour Registered Users Posts: 2
edited November 2021 in Community Content

Turn 19, took Lothern and another 5 complete provinces:
By conquest: Huntsmaster’s Jungle, Vampire Coast, Volcanic Island
By confed: Broken Lands, Albion (Rakarth)

After this point was unbridled pillaging of Ulthuan's many ports. This guy makes HE expansion look slow, especially on Legendary where you have 5 black arks to put down revolts without supply lines and all provinces are stabilizing nicely.

If you're clammering for a fun campaign and haven't touched Lokhir for a while, I can't recommend this more.
I was inspired by LoTW's Lothern migration and thought "It'd be stronger if you conquer everything on the way", and this turned out to be true.

I thought I'd share this one because it's an absolute blast and is like no other DE Campaign I've played before.

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