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Custom Funds Do Not Work.

MFKRZMFKRZ Registered Users Posts: 1
edited November 2021 in Rome II Support
Whenever I set the funds in the custom battle to custom and put it to the max value of 100,000 the game seems to not actually register this value. After I pass the 50,000 mark it throws the error that a player has spent too much and the game cannot be started. How do I fix this? It may also be noted that this 50,000 mark seems to get pushed up a little bit when I'm set to the attacker. Also, it can be noted that the game is incorrectly calculating the funds remaining as this value is past my initial amount. I have reinstalled the game fresh with all save and temp files deleted and I am still running into this error. This is the base game with no mods or workshop items.

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