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Is CA ever going to revive the Total War Arena concept, perhaps as a MP mode of a main game?

ComradePumpkinComradePumpkin Registered Users Posts: 3
edited November 2021 in Total War General Chat
So I installed the Chinese TW Arena since it's somewhat alive there. The gameplay is great, better even.

However the game is more P2W than ever before and I have to play with 300 ping, so I don't see myself coming back very often.

If CA released TW Arena today but this time PROPERLY and with slightly less P2W, it would be successful.

CA was bent on having a separate launcher and running away from Steam's 30% cut, all while running next to zero marketing campaigns. CA ensured that Arena would die.

Perhaps Arena could come back as part of some main series game like warhammer? With all the warhammer units arena would actually be super interesting, while different enough for CA to not get into any conflicts with NetEase.
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