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In need of help to set up mods from steam workshop

Truetobi91Truetobi91 Registered Users Posts: 1
TLDR: My mod loader does not load any mods into my game.

So I already asked for help on the steam discussion section without any success so far and was sent here by SEGA support. Let me know if this is the wrong section for that kind of questions. So I looked up some mods for Three Kingdoms when I played the game last year but the game didn't install them. Back then I didn't really care but I have played the game for the last few weeks and I'd like to get it going now.

As far as I can tell the mods should not conflict with each other. I already removed outdated mods and those that were said to be gamebreaking for some users. All the mods are highly rated and have plenty of feedback telling the mod works for them. I removed and unsubscribed all the mods and resubscribed and installed them too already. So far I have no success. T

The mods that I have in my list now are:

- “AI won’t execute characters” by Alex Zhao – disables the option to execute captured generals for the AI.
- “Disable Looters” by JX83 – modifies the “3k_campaign_faction_council_world_data_queries.lua” to remove the option to spawn looters from the faction council for player and AI.
- “Han character hoarding nerf” by Scicotheron. Removes bonuses for character satisfaction and salary of the han empire, enables spying at them and adds an increasing satisfaction penalty to the faction.
- “More loyal characters” by Alex Zhao – modifies the character satisfaction bonus/malus that is based on difficulty level.
- “Respec characters when they join you” by Drunk Flamingo – resets the skill points for characters when joining the player’s faction. I did use a different mod with the same effect before but I changed in hopes to make it work.
- “Release captains and take weapons” by Gold – should in theory add or change an option to take an item from a captured general without killing him. Doesn’t provide much information but I didn’t even use it before when the mod loader didn’t work as intended.
- “Trade Regions” by SK1Q84 – enables the ability to trade regions even when lacking the shared boarder requirement so that I can e.g. trade to regions at the same time instead of doing it one by one.
- “Faster heroes horses” by Alex Zhao – modified some stats for some horses to make high tier horses not so slow.
- “Enhanced battle camera” by Petellius. Enables full zoom-in and zoom-out with the battle camera. I used a different version before but just switched to this one in hopes to fix it. But it basically is the same.
- “1.7.1 Bug fix” by a set of users. Fixes a whole lot of bugs but I didn’t even use it before when the mod loader already did not work properly. Is said to be placed at the bottom of the mod list and should work with pretty much anything except one that I don’t use.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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