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Every Tech Known

Wisp588Wisp588 Registered Users Posts: 1
I was directed to the forum to ask question to the general public. Apparently, you guys know more than the Developers/workers do. So, I wanted to play ROI in the grand campaign. FYI, it's episode IV and not in the grand campaign area. I've noticed that all of the nations were advanced out in their tech very early in the game. I found this out by like turn 4 or 5 in the game. The Cherokee were very advance and charging at me with some fairly powerful guns. Went into the diplomacy screen to see what techs they seemed to have everything researched. So did every other faction in the game including the minor factions. Anyone else have this problem? I started the game over and didn't touch anything. Just hit end turn then BAM they had all research again. Support told me to validate to ensure it is up to date and ready to roll. Yeah, Nothing. Didn't know if other people have had this problem as well or I'm just the luck SOB.
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