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Misunderstandings of what the soldiers/characters say

Caracall4Caracall4 Registered Users Posts: 9
I would like to know if there are any other people who are misunderstanding (or used to) some of the things that men say on the battlefield or the agents/characters on the campaign map.

I have a few, I can come up with 3 examples, only 2 of them I understand. The other one, I still cannot figure out what they actually say (and I don't want to :wink: )

So the first is in Rome 1 I think, when some men on the battlemap (I think Greek cultures) say "quickly", I always hear: "Squigly"

The second one is from the champions (I think in Attila) when they say "I am a reaper of souls" which sounds to me like: "I amoritero souls".

The last one is my favorite, and I still have no clue what the soldiers (on the battlemap) say, I heard it first when playing the Romans in Rome 2. They say: "Steel Antony's *ss!" (I am not trying to be profane, butt this is genuinely the only thing I can make of it (punintended)).
The only logical conclusion I can draw from this one, is that the men find Marc Antony's behind so important, that they have a custom made plate of steel, with which they cover it, as to make sure no javelins will puncture his pristine buttocks. Presumably his personal bum protectors go with him, wherever he goes.
Amor fati
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