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Reworked the province system

MioWaveMioWave Registered Users Posts: 29
The province system in Warhammer is old and needs an update.
Especially with a more or less world map, it would be NOT beneficial to just add more settlements.
(which my proposal kinda still has)
I m speaking from performance.

It was invented and used in Rome 2
What you have is just an area with minor and mayor cities.
The newer games are far superior to that.

In 3K you have a city with the surrounding area, which means, you develop the city depending on these minor countryside areas; or you combine different ones (EG Mine and Forest makes hybrid city)

In Troy it is similar but simplified. The massive Problem here lies in the fact, that, at least for me, it was pretty much pointless to upgrade mayor cities to more than 3

In WH3 i would keep the original system in some ways, but let it be influenced from the newer and, core campaign wise, better games

Instead of provinces, there are Regions, which is basically the same; but youll have up to 10 Areas in a reagion. Each with a city/village,...
The regions should be based on geographical features like rivers, mountains, plains,...
or overall descriptions of the nation (Northern, Middle and southern Bretonia)

Southern Bretonia which includes Brionne,Carcasonne, Parravon, quenelle and aquitaine.

Each Province will have bigger and smaller settlements. The lowest have tier 3 (with 4 slots), middle ones tier 4 (with 6 slots) and the Capital tier 5 (with 8 slots).
You can still add special settlements (with 10) slots into the region AK Western Empire and Altdorf...

This way, you´ll skale down the provinces massively but keeping a lot of different factions and regions (which should be bottled up by the mayor regional faction or mayor faction at turn 30 to 40)

With more cities and villages in a Region, the buffs and debuffs everything will provide affects everything more.
Basically: less money and more buff, meaning less money at the start, meaning, no supply lines needed.
Also, with more specific buildings, youll be able to make the player give more thought on what and where to build. Especially ports and resources can be integrated way better this way.
You could have the tier 3 only provide for the bigger ones with minor buffs or resources, the tier 4 for recruitment and heroes and the tier 5 for all the super high tier stuff or mayor buffs.
(there is still place for may special buildings)

Another interesting thing would be, that different factions and races might try to get a hold in a specific region , and could possibly start spreading from a single minor settlement.

This way, youll also be able to add more races (which should die ealier) in regions, cause the settlements don´t add a lot


System for the factions:

Mayor Factions (playable factions) should all start in different regions.
After around 40 to 60 turns they should definetly hold control over their main region
(just make them prioritize it)

This helps the performance and to lower the turn end timer (with less factions)
You´ll have many mid tier factions in the mid game instead of way to many small factions

Then for the turns to turn 100, there might be a focus on their homeland ( 3 bretonian Areas) where they might confederate with one another or destory the "wrong nation" (dwarfs and Greenskins) to build the Country
(If empire Player holds all 4 empire Regions, hell be renamed in the Empire, instead of Reikland)

This will create more but overall less late game Factions, which will compete with one another
(less mini ones, more bigger ones)


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