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Idea for Chaos (WoC Overhaul)

x0baya0xx0baya0x Registered Users Posts: 10
edited November 2021 in General Discussion
Obviously I have no idea what CA plans to do with the Warriors of Chaos faction in the future, but something I thought would be cool is a campaign mechanic where you play as the Warriors of Chaos, can confederate in some shape or form with each Monogod faction.

Essentially, playing as Archaon or Be'lakor, your goal is to actively participate in the creation of the Chaos Undivided.

I don't think it should be access to the full rosters of each monogod faction, but perhaps you gain access to some of their rosters by doing favours for each Chaos God by aiding them against mortals or destroying each other; losing favour with one and gaining favour with another.

Anyways, just an idea.


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