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Hoping the new Daemon death effects get applied to Ethereal units

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The new gameplay video of Nurgle vs. Slaanesh is incredible, and one particular feature it shows off is that Daemons have an animation where they straight up disappear into immaterium when they die. I'm assuming this is possible with new technology for Game 3, and I'm sincerely hoping that it will be backported to ethereal units from the previous 2 games. It's pretty annoying to see the countryside littered with the bodies of "dead ghosts" who lay on the ground like any other corpse.

Likewise, while certain ethereal units do have animations upon death (like Cairn Wraiths and Syreens), these animations do not cause their bodies to disappear entirely. Instead, they rear back and disappear into the ground. This is perfectly fine on most maps, but if they die on the walls during a siege, then their bodies are often visible inside the walls, frozen and floating upside down.

I'm not asking for new animations or anything, but I am hoping that units with the "Ethereal" trait will fizzle away into nothingness like the new Daemons do. :)
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    Hahahahahahaha I didnt know about this, looks kind of cool NGL.
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    Good idea man!
    CA please!
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    Hahahahahahaha I didnt know about this, looks kind of cool NGL.

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    I concur.
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