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TW Warhammer 3 Technical Improvements?

mattkiff#8039mattkiff#8039 Registered Users Posts: 25
Warhammer 3 is fast approaching, but has anyone heard any confirmation of any listed technical improvement from Warhammer 2?

Improved multi-threading would be fantastic. A good chunk of the gameplay released is capped at 30 fps and looks very choppy, for whatever reason. TW Warhammer 2 still suffers from single thread CPU issues, and I doubt there will even be a "beta" DX 12 option for Warhammer 3.

Total Warhammer 2 also suffers from poor optimization issues whenever using the Blood Pack. I can only assume there will be another day one blood pack for 3, and hopefully they have learned not to kill fps with this dlc.

Having smoother fps during bigger 40v40 battles is a dream, but I'm not sure it will happen anytime soon.

This game stands to be the most expansive in actual size when it merges into a Mortal Empires Campaign map. How will they tackle the turn times of all the added in factions?

I assume while maybe certain things like lighting will change, Warhammer 3 really cannot be substantially improved in performance. Unlike Three Kingdoms, it has to port the other 2 games over, and I imagine not too much will change.


  • IamNotArobot#8850IamNotArobot#8850 Registered Users Posts: 5,760
    edited November 2021
    It needs to look better than 3K and Troy, old races is not an excuse to keep the game looking old-gen
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  • TotalBorehammer#4533TotalBorehammer#4533 Registered Users Posts: 1,220
    edited November 2021
    I want DLSS and/or the open source equivalents, in addition of course to the kind of optimizations you are talking about.
    CA have a Facebook page... use the comments section of their posts and express your thoughts on ME poor quality/delays etc https://www.facebook.com/CreativeAssembly/ :)
  • mattkiff#8039mattkiff#8039 Registered Users Posts: 25

    I want DLSS and/or the open source equivalents, in addition of course to the kind of optimizations you are talking about.

    Agreed, DLSS & other similar processes are essentially free fps which this series sorely needs.
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