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Suggestion: Kingdom of Dacia / Dacian borders.

AkfizAkfiz Registered Users Posts: 18
Hello, as someone from Romania I would like to suggest the following borders for Dacia in Rome Remastered:

The red territory represents the territory conquered by the Romans in 106 AD. The orange territory would later be conquered by the Iazyges.

Sarmizegetuza (Red) -> Capital of Dacia during the reign of Decebalus

Docidava (Orange) -> Dacian fortified town.

Argedava (Pink) -> Capital of Dacia during the regin of Burebista

Zargidava -> Dacian town mentioned by Ptolomei

The Dacian tribes owning them in the Grand Campaign:
Tyregetae - Zargidava
Carpi - Argedava
Dacians (Tevriscii but essentially main faction) - Sarmizegetuza, Docidava

This is a map of the territory of the Kingdom of Dacia:
- During the reign of Burebista 82 - 44 (larger)
- During the reign of Decebalus' 87 - 106 (smaller)
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