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WH2 WoC horde growth question

bigpuns#6809bigpuns#6809 Registered Users Posts: 5
Afternoon all, hope you are well.

Can someone clarify something for me please, as I have had conflicting answers on Reddit, and can't find an answer on the Googlometer.

In my recent WoC campaign (a handful of mods, nothing major and nothing specific to Chaos) I got to the point where a new horde cost 52 growth, but my hordes capped out at 50 growth, so I hit a hard limit of 13 extra armies. Other people stated that they hit no such cap and were gettig to 20+ armies unmodded, while someone else said there is a cap but didn't elaborate.

Did one of my mods bug the campaign, should the growth cap be higher or absent? Like I say, I couldn't find anything to confirm one way or another, just a couple of mods to reduce the growth cost of hordes.


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