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[Bug Report][Mythos DLC] : Hephaisteion special building is not available in "Mythological" campaign

n0n5encen0n5ence Registered Users Posts: 2
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Windows 10 Pro
Game version : 1.7.0
Build : 16138.2484113;

Preconditions :

1. Install "Mythos" DLC;
2. Install "The Hephaestus" Free DLC (version 1.5.0+ of the game);

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start a new campaign as any character as Mythological campaign;
2. Сonquer the isle of Kos region of Melamphylos province;
3. Update its main building "Minor settlement" to level "3" (Forest City);
4. Go to "Construction slot" -> "Special" and try to build "Hephaisteion" building.

Actual result:

There is no "Hephaisteion" building available in the "Special" building slot in "Mythological" campaign.

Expected result:

You can build "Hephaisteion" building in the "Special" building slot in Kos region of Melamphylos province in "Mythological" campaign;

Additional Info:

Same for "Poliochne" region of "Lemnos" province


"Truth behind the Myth" mode:

"Mythological" mode:

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