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Trait "visibility on the campaign map"

risenx1risenx1 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello everyone!
Need help. I want to remove the fog of war on the map of the mortal empire, and so that all armies can be seen and every turn is not turned off.
The idea came to add a buff to the faction lord, a trait, as far as I understand, which increases visibility on the campaign map by 10%, but at the same time change the value of 10%, for example, by 10000%
I wanted to implement it through the "effect_bundles_to_effects_junctions_tables" table, adding the desired modified buff to the desired lord (in the same way I added other buffs to my lord, for example, to reduce the cost of maintaining all armies, everything works).
But there is a problem, I cannot find "increase visibility on campaign map" in "effect_key". Can someone tell me what this buff / trait / I don’t know how it is correct in the game database? And if it needs to be edited in a completely different table, can you tell me where exactly?
Thanks for the help!

P.S. I tried to remove the fog of war in other ways, for example with a mod on the console, but there the fog of war is removed only for the current turn. I did not find any other ways, but if they exist, I will also be grateful for them, so as not to bother with the above described method!)

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