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Total War Napoleon II

Wotan135Wotan135 Registered Users Posts: 3
I really like NTW and even there are lot of inaccuracies, and it's more of a copy or an upgrade ETW still one of the best Napoleonic games. Today is little bit outdated and need new N2TW game. The greatest lesson i would take from WTW and W2TW and even little bit from upcoming W3TW. There is some ideas what I really like to see.

The army could have now 30 units. And in one battle player can control up to 60 units.

There could be some legendary leaders like Napoleon, Blucher, Alexandr, Welington etc..

Next will be smaller heroes - generals like Ney, Murat, Gordon, Kutuzov (oriented on supporting cavalry, artilery, infantry, can get horse or some kind of body guards) etc..

Leanders and generals will be finally more useful in battles not just hide them behinde hill or building (could be killed but can obtain skill to only be wounded 20lvl)

next smaller heroes could be ammunition wagon and Ambulation wagon

Ammunition wagon - non combat unit- near artilery add ammo, little bit increase fire rate, etc.. Even could resupply ammo to infantry? (on the battlefiled if destroyed could with big explosion kill nearby units

Ambulation wagon - non combat unit - heal nearest infatry, if in army increse resupply of lost units and after battle recover small % of lost units

The spy and aristocrat can be like in NTW but with skill tree.

All legendary leaders and generals will have skill tree like in Warhammer series. Both generals and legendary leaders can lead army. Generals could be in legendary leader army.

More units for example in french army not just grenadier, fusilier voltigeur and chasseur.. but whole infatry types.. line infantry: grenadiers, fusiliers, voltigeurs and light infantry carabiniers, chasseurs and voltigeurs.

Line infantry is for line battle average for melee combat average for fire (grenadiers even better in melee and voltigeurs better in fire line voltigeurs can skirmish) And light inatry worse in melee comabt better in fire (carabiniers better in melee and light voltigeurs better in fire and can skirmish)

Line formation, colum formation, square formation and voltigeurs (jagers, riflemans, etc..) skirmish formation

Guard units will be like regiments of renown

Commander, musicians and flagbaerers will be behind lines not in first line just like in history (like in Cossacks 2 Napoleonic wars)

Canons will have limber and will be little bit faster = useful. Crew can abandon canons and hide for example in square. Canon can form formation with infatry to defence square (like in battle of Pyramids on the corners of square) . And will be more accurate.

Cavalry will have fire weapons..Drgoons and chasseurs a chaveal will have rifles as normal in NTW and Cuirassiers and rest cavalry can fire (around 4 shots) for close range with pistols could help agains square formation or another cavalry.

Very nice could be regimental colours for all units and add limitations for some units like french horse carabiniers can be only two.

Regions will have more settlemets. Could be build walls and fortresses. During sieges could be build defensive buildings like baricades and spikes etc.. Diplomacy can be upgraded and can coordinate allies like in W2TW

And uniforms could be more historical and more realistic..not ammo pouch stuck on their ass but on the ammo pouch belt :D Grenadiers and voltigeurs could use their sabers not just bayonets (voltigeurs very often even don't have bayonets).

Hope for returning of historical battles and period campaign (Egypt, Italy, Europe, 100 days..not just one battle). All historical battles can befight fromm all sides.

Well it is just quick idea what could be change and what I would like to see in N2TW and I know in Total War series can't be all historicaly accurate like organisation in battalions etc.. but with these upgrades everybody can fight like this ..with all this added missing units, regimental colours, generals fighting with their soldiers more flags more drums and cornets, more fire and smoke...

What do you think..could it be better or do you have some same or different opinions?


  • VikingHuscal1066#5774VikingHuscal1066#5774 Registered Users Posts: 4,803
    I wouldn't mind a Napoleon theme expansion for an Empire 2, but I don't think that it'd be worth being its own full TW game, as it could possibly work as a Saga TW game.
  • davedave1124#4773davedave1124#4773 Registered Users Posts: 22,890
    The Napoleonic era is one of the most popular eras in military history (that TW is likely to cover) and the map could go from the Americas to just past Europe possibly looking at India.

    CA could certainly expand the complexity of the gameplay, especially looking at diplomacy, industry, strategic and tactical maxims, training etc.

    The Napoleonic is always an option due to how popular it is.
  • Commisar#2307Commisar#2307 Registered Users Posts: 2,213
    I would enjoy seeing another Napoleon TW, especially if they expanded it out and covered more content along with the more focused campaigns. Think covering things like the Carib and North America would be a good move both for the history and the marketing. There was fighting on the islands and a few attempts by the French to sneak fleets off to support their colonies and damage the British holdings and plus you did have the war of 1812 between Britain and the US.

    Dislike your suggestions to make it more WHesc rather than historical. I'd like to see the General system from Napoleon come back, was good to have decent generals in that with experience which we've lacked since.

    I think reloading in areas such as city and fort battles should be a thing, although not sure how much it would be needed. Not a fan of the idea of none combat units in the army.

    Also wouldn't hold much hope for expanded army size, micro already is pushing it's limit with 40 unit fights. Just making the line longer for the sake of making it longer isn't really adding to the fun but can take away from it.

    Oh for generic guards units the Troy Amazon mechanic might be good for that. Units get experience and then can be upgraded, could see that as an option. Have it capped but have the cap move as your faction expands.

    Notice you don't mention the naval side of it, would really want to see real time naval combat come back. Another area where they could expand the roster as nations did have a number of different ships in each "class" during the period and some differences in designs.
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