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Can't get Total War launcher to work for Total War Three Kingdoms. Help would be greatly appreciated

cmarinos51cmarinos51 Registered Users Posts: 4
So, essentially what's happening is whenever I boot up Total War 3K the launcher will load briefly before just freezing on a blank screen with a pop up that comes up every 30 seconds asking if I want to wait for the launcher to respond or just start the game immediately. The game is still playable, however, if I wanted to use mods (which I do) then this issue prevents me from doing so. In case it was a mod issue I actually deleted all the mod folders in \steamapps\workshop\content\779340 before unsubbing to all of them in the steam workshop. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, that hasn't worked. I tried verifying local files, that hasn't worked. Tried going to the betas to find the launcher_release_candidate which this game doesn't even have. I've pretty much tried all the common suggestions I've found in forums and searches on multiple sites and nothing has worked. I can only imagine at this point it's something completely different or uncommon so I'm at the end of my tether. Any suggestions, and I do mean ANY suggestions would be appreciated at this point.


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