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Is Teclis confederation known as a bugged thing?

ba18070ba18070 Registered Users Posts: 311
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So I confederated Teclis at rank 25 or so. He had a lot of stuff filled out, including his top row of items and mounts. This includes the Arcane Phoenix. However, I cannot equip the phoenix as it does not exist on the menu. Is this a known issue? I would really like to be able to use him the cheesy way CA intended.

Please let me know if this can be fixed in this run. Thank you for your time.

Screenshots for posterity.

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  • ba18070ba18070 Registered Users Posts: 311
    Just happened AGAIN with the Confederation of Cothique. Their lord has all mount options but I can only get the one she was on at the time of confederation. What gives?

    These were taken on back to back turns since the mount tab cannot be pulled up once after being manipulated in a turn, but that's just for full disclosure. Nothing was altered at all.

  • ba18070ba18070 Registered Users Posts: 311
    Follow up:

    Yes, CA, post-confederation talents are busted. Any talent points spent on mounts are wasted as they in accessible unless the lord was on it when confederated.
  • LoreguyLoreguy Registered Users Posts: 1,463
    Not only Teclis.

    Mounts and quest items often missing after confederation. Since there will be no patches for WH2 your best shot are mods.
  • ba18070ba18070 Registered Users Posts: 311
    That's a damn shame im sorry to hear that but thank you, Loreguy.

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