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Diplomacy does not work properly.

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edited December 2021 in Feedback & Suggestions
I still have cases where two legendary lords have a military alliance and one gets weak and still does not confederate with the AI or me and just get wiped out.

Another case is that with a lot of factions when u seek out the other Legendary Lords of your faction on the map with a hero, u will be too late in most times since they are allready wiped out and then you have to create some sort of rebel force which on high dificulty is impossible or capture it and then hope the right rebels take them, then have a long strugle making peace and confederating them which in a lot of situations is also impossible and this also goes for the AI factions which get steamrolled by factions that did manage to get some legendary lords confederated and cant draw from those that are wiped out or are too far away to ever make contact.

Can u please make it so that the factions that are seperated extermely far from their kin get a non aggresion pact with the other Legendary Lords from the start or have two starting settlements on different locations like Malus and others?

The problem is that a lot of factions steam roll and do confederate and a lot get wiped out pointlessly and then the mid to late game gets very boring and predictable and other factions just dont stand a chance or cant make a comeback.

I rather have all legendary lords of the same faction have a non agrresion pact and vision of their start position and some have two starting settlements and when one of them allmost gets wiped out they get confederated in one of the others.
When other factions are very strong and steamrolling the faction that got beaten so hard can then make a comeback in the mid-late game with multiple legendary lords or atleast put up a good fight and make things interesting.

It is also very unclear when you can make a deal or not and this takes a lot of time to keep trying with every faction or what the reason is they dont want to make a deal.

For example, u want a faction to join war and pay them gold or make a pact and pay them gold, it is very unclear how much gold would be needed or u have a succes chance at all.
Another is that a lot of times u cant make progress in a relationship towards a Military alliance because u have a pact with another faction while u are trusted friends and did everything right, even have the same enemies, this also doesnt show up in the diplomacy and when u break that alliance, u can suddenly have a military alliance with them all.

Believe it or not, but diplomacy ruins a lot of games or makes them boring and predictable.

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