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Failed to Join Game: Player Statistics Unavailable

steelwork#9181steelwork#9181 Registered Users Posts: 98
edited December 2021 in Multiplayer Bugs
- v1.12.1

Detailed description:
- when trying to join a mutipayer match there is an error saying "Failed to Join Game: Player Statistics Unavailable".
i cannot host any game either.
also the game crash on its own if i stay in the multiplayer lobby for too long or when i quit the game.

Reproduction Steps:
- trying to join a multiplayer game.
- trying to host a game.
- quiting the game.
- staying in the multiplayer lobby for too long.


Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
- verifying files.

additionnal info:
- i had this problem a few days ago and reinstalling the game solved it.
however. and without installing any mods this time, this issue just came back right now.


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