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Campaign map stutters with RTX 3070

sandst0rmsandst0rm Registered Users Posts: 3
Hello team, I really hope you can help me.

Ever since I got a new more powerful PC, I experience terrible camera stutters in the old Total War games.

My new PC has RTX 3070, i5-11600k, 1 TB SSD m.2, and also I use a 144hz aoc 24g2w1g4 monitor. All games are with recommended ultra settings for me and I do not have stutter anywhere but on the campaign map.

I would like to mention that on my old PC (1660, ryzen 5 1600) I did not have such issues.

Videos on the campaign map stutter can be found below although it is not quite clear I think because of the framerate of the video:

In short words, it's like a frame goes back every once in a while.

I tried everything I found online but to no avail, this includes:

- limiting my FPS to 120, 60, 70, etc.
- lowering the refresh rate of my monitor to 60, 90, 100hz
- lowering the graphics settings
- enabling vsync + windowed mode, only vsync, only windowed mode, disabling gsync and vice versa
- enabling antialiasing from nvidia control panel and disabling it ingame, enabling triplebuffering and threaded optimization
- changing the affinity for the process of the game from the task manager, disabling some CPUs, setting higher priority for the process
- rolling back to a previous driver, I am currently using 497, and i tried to use the previous one 471

I tried re-installing Windows, re-installing the games, everything and this still occurs and drives me insane

Please give me other suggestions to try to fix this or some other info I should provide and I would be glad to assist

It's really terrible and from searching online I can see that many people experience this
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