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Applying a tiny bit of logic to expand ambushes

ba18070ba18070 Registered Users Posts: 311

So to get to the point, I think ambushes could be fixed up a bit.
Ambushes are extremely repetitive and sort of silly. If, even as a computer program, 4 of your armies got ambushed and defeated by ratmen, would you continue to walk single file through their territory? Yes, but only because no other option is programmed in. But if it were a human, or supposed to be mimicking a human? Strange that they wouldnt make some adjustments, isnt it?
Here's my ideas:
-Overworld map- Have a "careful march" stance that moves at like 2/3 speed but reduces your chances to be ambushed, also if you are ambushed it has your units marching in a 2-3 unit wide stance instead of single file. Would also allow you to choose your marching order before the ambush battle (would be very excessive to make them do it on the campaign map every time you take the stance) Would make the cat and mouse game of ambushes, and figuring out how to handle them once you get one, more thoughtful. Both from the offensive and defensive perspective.
-Player controlled ambushes- make them like the AI ones where you have to cover some ground before you get up to the enemy. Right now its a bit ridiculous that in an open plain your entire army including artillery pieces can just pop up out of nowhere 20 yards from the enemy. Its extremely powerful but silly and destroys any challenge or thought put into ambushes.
-Similar to a WAAAGH army, it would be interesting if you could hire mercenaries to escort your army through particularly treacherous areas and would create a second stack attached to your current one, but they only help you if you're intercepted on the march. Again, would put a lot more into ambushes than just "send one lord at them and let him cast a lot of spells while their AI derps out." Creates push-pull economic mechanics of "is it better to pay the exorbitant protection fee or recruit another army if this one is destroyed?"

Basically I love everything about the game currently and just think there's ways we can make it a deeper experience for the player. Ways to take some of the most monotonous or frustrating mechanics and actually give them a small amount of depth to make it more interactive.
The biggest pushback I see to this would be people mad that they want guaranteed ambushes, just as a knee jerk reaction because of course you can still have them. Lord traits, talent points, followers, specific regions, equipment, edicts/rites, etc can all help with that. Once again would add more command depth.

Also, and most importantly, let everyone recruit mistwalkers, shadow walkers and forest spirits once the associated high elf legendary lord has been confederated.

Also first post of 2022 GET


  • ExxxxExxxx Registered Users Posts: 9
    I think reworking the retreat and reinforcement mechanics would iron out ambush being a complete loss. Armies composed of cavalry should have a distinct advantage of reinforcing from further ranges. Armies practically should leap frog covering one another, if I recall right Total War Troy has some traits that expand reinforcement range.

    Not sure why this isn't permitted but how about allow players to set an ambush within range of an ally army or settlement.

    Lightning strike should probably be a reinforcement delay mechanic instead of complete prevention. Something like a 5 minute delay would be powerful enough if your army isn't siege based.
  • ba18070ba18070 Registered Users Posts: 311
    Ty for your feedback, I agree that there's a lot of things that are a bit too cut and dry when they should have more engagement involved.

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