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Lore question: Orion trilogy (Spoilers)

ArielAriel Registered Users Posts: 2,189
Hi everyone,
just finished reading the Orion trilogy and I must say that I am a bit confused about some things in this book. If you can answer any of them, I would really appreciate it.

Firstly, it appears that the events are not even mentioned in the armybook. I went through the 8th edition armybook and cannot find it mentioned anywhere. And its omission is quite weird as most of the forest was destroyed in this trilogy and it would deserve at least a mention as Nurgle himself was almost summoned. Any reason for this?

Secondly, Drycha appears to realize the fault of Coeddil's way and yet she is all too willing to help him in the End Times for whatever reason. Is there a reason why she returned back to Coeddil?

Thirdly, Naieth unleashed the Wildwood and probably released Coeddil and yet this is not touched upon or talked about at all in the book. Was the Wildwood locked again?

Fourthly, I am not sure what happened to Clara the human mage. She became Sativus at the end of the book, but as I was reading this book for a long time I was quite confused why did it happen and where was it foreshadowed that she is Sativus' emergency plan if he died.

Thanks for all the answers. And Happy New Year to all of you people. :smile:

PS: I must say that this book made me love Naieth even more. I consider her my second favourite character in all of Warhammer and she appears to me like a puppet master or a power broker when it comes to Wood Elves politics and power level. She is not afraid of both Ariel and Orion, she has power over Wildwood defences, she knows more about the forest than Ariel, etc. Love her.

The final rose has faded,
The eaves will sing no more;
The waxen ground will keep you bound,
Death-pale until the thaw.
Then she placed the rest of Orion's ashes into the bowl and turned to face the Oak of Ages.
I used to go by many names here. Crazycrix, Dubinekdubajs, Yrellian and finally Ariel, one of my favourite characters in the setting. Still waiting for Finubar and Naieth!


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