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ERE unit question

AgentHunk1AgentHunk1 Registered Users Posts: 25
As I finished my Eastern Roman Empire Legendary Campaign on youtube,I did noticed by looking at the unit roster that ERE does not have a tier 3 equivalent of that of Western Rome units.

For example,
Ravenna Elite Ballistarii, Herculiani Seniores and Scholae Palitinae cav are all considered Tier 3i units in Western Rome.
However, the Eastern ones are just T2 at the max except for tagmata calvary.
Eastern Armoured Legio are labeled T2 unit and Elite Ballistarii is T2 unit...why is there no known Upgradable T3 western Equivalent?

like uh, Constan Elite Ballistarii? and Joviani Senoires?for the Eastern Faction?


  • TejaSchwarzhaarTejaSchwarzhaar Registered Users Posts: 310
    The Eastern Roman Empire has other specialized tier 3 units, like Hetaireia Guards and Imperial Dromedarii.

    Overall, you don't have to worry that the Eastern Roman units are a disadvantage, they are better than the western units in almost every regard ;)
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