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Dev just don't Damn a care...

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edited January 2022 in Rants and Raves [Archived]
2022, Since 2019, the Bug concerned when you click on the End of turn bouton, since a Campaign is stil always ON.

i9 10850k,

Dude, stop trolling us,we give you 80$ for this Game, Fix this issue lol is not my Computer is your unskill developper. The problem is here since 2019, 3 years dude, 3 F?#%!$ Years.

My problem : when i click on the end turn bouton, i see the Auto save + the IA turn and the game crash without error,

But who care? Since 2019 several person has the same problem than me and nobody (in this joking dev team does anything).
I give you my folder, i give you my trust, i done everything "Fix -> Joke seriously".

Is Very bad ok, Turn 237, if i get the bug in the same day (122 turn to 237 at the same journey) IF i get this crash ay 238 in the same day IS NOT THE DRIVER, I JUST DON'T SEE ANY LINK WITH THE DRIVER OF THE GRAPHIC CARD stop trolling your player gang of Incompetent Developper.

Sorry but i have nothing to loose if i cannot play my game. I pay for it, if you need a salary do your job and maybe i gonna pay you more lol.

The client is King right? And this client is soo Emperor soo do your job, this is not a free game i can complaint and sorry but you're incompetent (dev) because is not a Yesterday problem, is a 3 years unfix problem, Is ridiculous.
I am the Greyssers X'ees Plaguev'Oice, and this is my Own Clan banner
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