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Character disappeared from family tree

WaqarAWaqarA Registered Users Posts: 7
edited January 2022 in Gameplay Issues

To put it simply, I married a widow (who was from another faction) to a governor. After the marriage, both of them disappeared from the family tree and 'other nobles' tab. I can still access the governor through the governor's tab or through the 'recruit an army window'. However, reinstating him as governor requires him to present on the family tree as it can only be done through the politics window.

For me to get the politician back on the other noble's tab, he has to give his wife divorce and both of them are usually back, or he has to die! But then I cannot marry the widow in my own faction. (Because they will disappear again)

This issue is not new, I have found threads old as of 2015, with moderator replied, but this issue still persists. Hopefully, this time it will be taken notice of and be fixed.

Note again that this issue only occurs when I marry a widow of my own family (she is originally from another faction) to one of my own faction's Nobel. (Weather family or other nobels).
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