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Diplomacy interaction indicator.

BoomgaardenBoomgaarden Registered Users Posts: 8
I am currently starting an Empire campaign again, and I am finding the diplomacy one of the more tedious things regarding it.

Where this is coming from: I am sure all of you are aware of how playing the Empire can be, every turn you open the diplomacy option you click on each nation, you select your diplomatic option, it may or may not go through. You may or may not, even have much of a chance of getting a yellow option, when most of the time things are red. This can lead to unnecessary clicking for diplomacy to find out options aren't available to you. I find this ends up leading to less gameplay, forgetting what I was doing a minute ago, making a mistake, being frustrated with how long and tedious diplomacy is. ​So I have decided to make a small suggestion that might be helpful for diplomacy for the future.

1. a diplomacy indicator on the diplomacy screen for how many red, yellow and green options you have.

If I have a small indicator showing how many red, green and, yellow options I have, the number of clicks I make is reduced and my gameplay is increased. I don't care about rejection as much because I am not making needless clicks that create fruitless outcomes.

2. a diplomacy option availability indicator based on nation and race.

Rather then clicking on the diplomacy option every turn, I would like instead that I am able to click what nations or races I care to be notified when a diplomacy option is available. This allows me to focus on gameplay how I want and feel I can put diplomacy onto the side when no options are available to me. For example, if I am playing the Empire, I might want to be notified Nordland is willing to offer a trade agreement, since that is a quest. So, I play the game after clicking on a button that will notify me when that option is available in yellow or green. Or, I click on the entire Empire selection in once click that I would like to know when I can have any trade agreement. and I will only click on what is actually possible to have, rather then clicking in vain on every single province.

Thank you for your time, I hope this is helpful, I am going to continue my Empire campaign.

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