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Total War Warhammer II Cavalry Beta

Cjnewman236#9241Cjnewman236#9241 Registered Users Posts: 14
So I would like to ask if Total War Warhammer's Cavalry beta would be improved to make cavalries a whole lot better in hitting harder and cycle-charging better. And if so, can that improvement, say, give Armor-piercing and anti-large bonus to all elite cavalries? Those, of course, being the High Elves' Dragon Princes, the Wood Elves' Great Stag Knights, the Chaos Knights with lances, The Bretonnians' Grail Knights, Knights of the Realm and the regiment of renown, the Knights of the Lionhearted, the Vampire Counts Blood Knights, and the Empire's Reiksguard Knights and the Regiment of Renown, Zintler's Reiksguard?

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