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Lord Kroak quest stacks when both players play lizardmen in coop mortal empires campaign

zamkazamka Registered Users Posts: 2
edited January 14 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Lord Kroak quest triggers almost every or every other turn if both players play lizardmen in coop. Once you do ritual of awakening or move to a designated area (in a follow up quest) you can cash in all the quests giving you broken amounts of money.

Bug present since december 2019 according to internet. There is a fix on the workshop since april 2020. How that was not fixed in 2+ years is just rude.

Im not gonna further troubleshoot for you or post anything else or provide more information. "Full experience" of playing this game costs 307.81 EUR so do your own work and fix your game. You can bet your ass i didn't pay that price and bought every single piece of it on discount. Don't be dirty super-capitalist predators and i will change my tone in the future. For that price it should be immaculate, no excuses, we are far beyond the 60 eur price tag of a "tRiPle a gAmE".

Thank you,
Respect (comes when your earn it)

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