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Build Number:
- v1.12.0 Build 18858.2329086

Issue: Game automatically crashes to Main Menu after fighting settlement battles.
- I am playing a vanilla Dark Elves (Malekith) campaign. When I fight and win a battle, I select End Battle. After I select "End Battle" the loading screen shows the post-battle loading screen (with unit kill counts, health and army details) before quickly reverting to the generic Dark Elves loading screen and taking me straight to the main menu. The battle results are not saved - when I reload I am where I was at the last save before the battle. When I autoresolve battles, this does not happen.

Reproduction steps:
- So far I have been able to repeat this bug twice, both on settlement battles. I have not had an issue with open campaign map battles previously but will try and test when I can.

- attached

- attached (though the problem occurs after the battle is won and I select End Battle)

Modified Log:
- attached

Solutions I've tried:

- reinstalling TWW2 on steam
- reinstalling steam
- ensuring drivers are up to date
- verifying integrity of game files on steam
- launching game with -dx11
- opting in to a new beta version

Is anyone else having this issue or know of a fix? So far I've only found help articles from 2016 that were fixed with a hotfix.
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